History of Shona Sculpture

Shona Sculpture - Head in Stone

History of Shona Sculpture

Over the last fifty or sixty years Shona Sculpture, as an art form, has become established in Zimbabwe. A country located in Southern Africa. New sculptors can call upon established sculptors as their mentors. And so a tradition is born.

Whereas a lot of what is produced is there to satisfy the tourist market. There are more established Artists producing highly original and beautiful pieces. But you shouldn’t dismiss the those cheaper forms as these all have to be individually carved and all will have that spirit of Africa in their design. A short history of Shona Sculpture

Shona Sculpture - ElephantWhere to find them

So what are these sculptures all about and where can you find them?

The Zimbabwe sculptors believe that every rock and stone has a spirit within. It’s then the sculptors’ skill to reveal that spirit. To fashion the stone or rock to show us its hidden beauty.

You can find sculptures to buy by going here Great Shona Sculpture. There’s always a turnover of stock and because they’re individually made you might find a particular item is no longer in stock. But don’t worry there’s always more quality sculptures arriving all the time. so there’s never a shortage.

Shona Sculpture - Abstract ManThe Raw Materials

Zimbabwe outs blessed with s geological feature called the “Great Dyke” which runs through Zimbabwe and it’s where’s all the fabulously colored stone and rock is found. Not just any old rock. These are rocks with different properties and colors. Some with many swirling colors which the artist can use in his or her designs.

The more upmarket designs look really majestic in house or office. And because they’re made from rock they work really well in a garden setting as well. And they won’t be affected by the weather either. Just find a suitable position and let them blend in with all the natural foliage.

Above all these sculptures are personal, choose the one that best appeals to you and makes you smile.