iphone Wireless Chargers

iphones do it too

Did you know that you can charge your iPhone wirelessly? Neither did I. It turns out that you can by a kit, like the ones here Wireless iphone Phones and Andriod Phones That allow you to turn your iPhone into a wireless charging handset.

So the question is, why bother? Well I, like most people, have my phone with me at all times. And I spend long periods in the kitchen, home office and watching a bit of tv. What I did was convert the iPhone to charge wirelessly, then put charging pads in each room where I spend time. The charging pads aren’t very expensive.

iphone conerSolves two problems

Where did I put my iphone? and Does it have enough charge if I’m setting off someplace?

So when I put my phone down I automatically place out on a pad. And this solves problem one. The charging pads are in fixed locations around the house. I know where the charging stations are, so I know where my phone is. Not like the good old days where I left it randomly all over the house.

When I’m on my way out, grab my phone which all the while has bee charing on one of my many charge pads. So my phone is constantly getting charged when in engrossed in something else. And that solves problem number two.

Putting the phone on a pad becomes a habit in no time at all.

Last but not Least

And I almost forgot, I like most people, use my iPhone as my alarm clock. So, you guessed it, I put a charger beside my bed on our bedside table. That means by time I get up in the morning, my phone is fully charged. And I just grab it and go. No cables to put in and take out.

iphone waterHow does wireless charging work

It’s a very neat solution and all made possible by something called induction. You can read more about that here wireles charging how it works But you don’t need to be a scientist to use this technology. And best of all you don’t alter the phone in any way. So there’s no warranty issues.

Adding Wireless to the iphone

There’s a card like thing. About the same size as a business card, with a short cable conning out of it. The cable plugs into the phone and you leave it connected all the time. The card is the thing that picks up the charge for the iPhone. This neatly folds onto the back of the phone and sticks to it.

That’s it. It takes less than a minute to fit. Just a brilliant idea which works.