Camping by the Sea

tent on the beachTents for large Parties

If you’re searching for a tent for a large family then you would be best to consider a large tent that’s between two or three persons more than the number of people in your party.

Tents come in all shapes and sizes and these days there’s a plethora of designs to choose from, some better than others.

The days where all tents looked the same is long gone. Tents are both more practical and almost cosy inside. The really good tents come with an inner liner that helps deal with any condensation from the occupants, at night. keeping warm

But always at a premium is space. Just like our homes, this tend to fill up rapidly and requires constantly decluttering, to keep on to of things. The same is true for tents.

campfire on a beachGet Space

A tent for five people is just that. Enough room for it’s occupants to sleep in at night with very little space for storage or anything else. For this reason you should go to a bigger tent. So for 4 people get a 6 birth. For 5 people go for a 7 birth or even better an 8 birth tent. There’s some good with man tents here best tents suitable for persons

Larger tents will provide more space for the things you you’ve brought with you, so you can keep them inside the tent and also provide plenty of space for the occupants to move around in freely, without clambering over other people.

Larger tents tend to come with a porch. Which is an area by the main entrance but that can be sealed off from the main tent. These are great for stowing muddy boots and wet clothes. avoiding mud

Larger tents require more hands to assemble and take down. Sometimes taking down and packing away can be more challenging. Remember this in mind when selecting a tent. Some practice runs, before you set off, with your chosen tent is s very good idea.