Best Camera Tripod

old fashioned tripodAre Tripods Old Fashioned

A camera tripod puts you in control of the shot. Sometimes seen as a burden, sometimes as overkill but it really is a very important piece of equipment which often gets overlooked. In these days of high ISO, it’s easy to dismiss the tripod as old fashioned and past its sell-by-date. But nothing could be further from the truth.

A tripod allows you to set up the camera in an ideal position and in an ideal location allowing you to fix the camera’s position and orientation. This giving you control over the image you’re about to take. Why is this important?

Tripods equals Control

Camera on a tripodWell when your taking hand held shots with a heavy SLR camera and you stumble upon something special (right lighting, right exposure, right composition) and your asked to take that shot again. You’ve got no way of reproducing that shot. You don’t no how you produced it in the first place, it was just a lucky guess that paid off. Bottom line is – you weren’t in control and that’s incredibly amateur.

A tripod, like the ones here Best Selling dSLR Camera Tripod Is the first item you need, to take control of your photography. Rather than photography (ie luck) taking control of you. 7 reasons to use a tripod

A tripod allows you to fix the camera’s position in space, consistently. You still have to know how to set up the tripod and the camera when taking a photo shoot. But that gets easier with practice. And if you take notes during the shoot, that’s when you start to become more accomplished photographer, a semi-pro.

camera on a tripod landscapePractice Makes Perfect

Obviously the more experienced you become the less formal you have to be. Because as your knowledge and skill grows your experience of how to set a camera on a tripod becomes second nature. But in the beginning you build up that knowledge slowly but surely. And as you practice, your confidence grows.

When using photographic lighting, having a camera in a known position fixes one of the many variables making it easier to concentrate and control the others. Sometimes you can draw arcs on the floor, with the photographic subject at the center. This controls the distance and means you don’t have to keep testing the lighting setting to compensate for the camera’s position.

So as you can see the the tripod is still a very useful tool. Still not convinced, take a look at this video How to Use a Tripod